Create for the Human, forget the device.


The Smart Signs™: Made for Todays Mobile Consumer

Publisher: Real Estate Magazine

When it comes to impacting human behavior the internet has nothing on the mobile device, says John Lim. And he makes a good argument. In this exclusive interview, Lim, CEO of Life in Mobile explains his 'Human2™ Theory' and how the firm's new Smart Signs™connect technology with basic humanity.

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"Mobile is not digital, and people must realize this in order to succeed in monetizing mobile."

Publisher: Business Insider

John Lim is a consummate entrepreneur with a proven track record, who has built and sustained a successful 15-year professional career in mobile telecommunications and marketing strategies. He founded multiple companies, including On Site Marketing, Mobile Card Cast and most recently, Life in Mobile, all of which have been successful in capitalizing on the power of mobile. John’s knowledge and accomplishments have been covered by the Mobile Marketing Association, featured in the Michael Becker book, Marketing for Dummies, and discussed in a chapter of Allan Dalton’s best-selling book, Leveraging Your Links. He has spoken at events both domestically and internationally, providing expertise on how to monetize mobile. All of John’s endeavors have solidified his position as a true visionary in the mobile space.

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Heineken simplifies mobile promotion and scores big

Publisher: Mobile Marketer

Heineken’s Champion the Match promotion delivered significantly higher mobile engagement levels and a lower bounce rate compared with a previous effort by significantly streamlining the consumer journey. The program has grown 100 percent in three years, with entries into a weekly promotion more than doubling in 2015 compared to the previous year and instant win plays more than tripling. Additionally, the bounce rate dropped from 80 percent in 2014 to 8.6 percent in 2015.“The key take away from this is to focus on the consumer behind the device, rather than the device itself,” said John Lim, CEO of Life In Mobile, which worked with Heineken on the promotion. “Rather than creating a complicated user flow, it’s important to have a streamlined user experience that is simple, yet encourages the consumer to come back time and time again.

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Life in Mobile Awarded Best Marketing Engagement Platform in New York!

A new year, means a new award! Congrats to my team, you guys KICK ASS always! Life in Mobile has been named Best Marketing Engagement Platform in New York under Corp America's 2016 Software and Technology award. The hard work, dedication, and passion my team gives each and everyday is what makes this happen. Compete from 9-5 and always win from 5-9.

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Life in Mobile named as a 2017 PROMO Top Shop

Proud to say Life in Mobile has been announced as a 2017 PROMO Top Shop. My team at Life in Mobile continues to amaze me with their hard work and dedication. This recognition is thanks to all of you!

Cheers to our team, and to our continued success!

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8th Annual Best Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign

Life in Mobile was awarded for Heineken's BFA Champion the Match for Best Entertainment Related Marketing Campaign from Mobile Excellence Awards.

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Life in Mobile named Top 100 North America Promising Private Venture

I want to thank my entire family at Life in Mobile. This awards recognizes all of you, and all of your hard work and dedication. It takes an awesome team like you to make Life in Mobile what it is. I am proud to be a part of such a exceptional group of people.

Cheers to our continued success!

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Best Self-Service Advertising Platform: IAP

Life in Mobile was awarded the 2016 Best Self-Service Advertising Platform: IAP from TMT Technology. Media. Telecoms.

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Top Mobile Marketing Campaign

Portada awarded Life in Mobile with the 2015 Top Mobile Marketing Campaign title.

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